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LENS - Visible Performance

LENS™ is a combined technology, software and expert services solution that allows organisations to manage their utility and environmental compliance costs.

  • Technology - state-of-the-art metering technology provides unprecedented visibility of consumption for a range of utilities and other key parameters
  • Software - a simple, powerful, secure and customisable on-line reporting portal feeds real-time consumption data back to the organisation in the form of processed management data and key performance metrics
  • Expert services - a highly qualified team of experts ensures the most cost-effective monitoring strategy for your organisation's specific assets and objectives

The LENS Intellect team can also provide expert advice on energy efficiency measures and the LENS Finance team provides compliance cost planning advice, access to finance for energy efficiency and green energy projects, and related services.

Sensible pricing and the availability of finance packages means that the LENS technology can deliver significant savings, rapid returns and positive cash flows.